Consulting You Through Common Construction Roadblocks

If construction was an easy trade, there would be little or no need for specialists. Unfortunately, between the design process and the implementation of carefully made plans, many roadblocks can arise to interrupt the process. With the proven experience of CSP, a consultant can bring a sense of order to the job so the construction […]

Pre-Installation Consulting Lays Foundation For A Lucrative Future

General contractors and property developers often compartmentalize key sub-contractors during a project. When scheduling the outfit that pours the foundation or physically installs the windows that may be an efficient and cost-effective approach. But other aspects of the construction project require people that are involved from soup to nuts. Working with a low voltage engineering […]

Green Buildings Provide Excellent ROI Benefit

Sustainable energy and construction continues to grow based on two key reasons: Commitment and Profit. Few people among us disagree there’s a need to curb climate change and save the planet. And for every environmentally-passionate person that would willingly spend a little more, residential and commercial builders weigh the financial benefits against any initial investment. […]

Our Holistic Approach to Design

When it comes to working with clients on their low voltage projects, we have streamlined the way we work to create a complete system of solutions. In a post about a recent project we wrote, “Our holistic approach aims to reimagine the design process for a customized and value-added experience for each and every CSP […]

Our New Website

We are so honored to have Black Tie Digital Marketing build our new website. We would like to thank Scott and his team for their hard work and dedication to make our vision come alive. We look forward to continuing our business with the Black Tie team.