CSP Recognizes the vast amount of resources needed to successfully procure materials for multiple scopes and eliminates this time expenditure as well as providing an average of 10% savings directly to clients.

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CSP provides complete procurement services for every project

Material Procurement

CSP’s transparent process provides clients with the benefit of buying materials directly from manufacturers, eliminating extensive markups in the supply chain and the time needed to coordinate shipping.

10% Savings

CSP’s unique process delivers unparalleled material savings, and significantly decreases the time investment of all stakeholders throughout the process.

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“Without the devoted dedication and determined effort of the CSP team, this very aggressive schedule could not have been achieved. I commend them for pulling this off, as there were more than a handful of individuals who said it couldn’t be done but they persevered and made it happen. Never say never!! Thank you CSP team for all your strong and lasting support.”

| Tony Huffer, Director – PJM, CBRE |