Our Process


Single Point of Contact

By having CSP as your SPOC, expectations and specifications are clearly communicated to ensure the turnkey installation of your construction IT solutions are innovative and meet all expectations. Our process helps streamline communication with multiple subcontractors and all other trades involved, ensuring that decisions are made in a timely manner. Having this system in place also provides confidence in the construction IT process by keeping stakeholders informed and up to date with the progress of the project.



CSP provides a full set of architectural drawings including floor plans, server room layouts, rack elevations, AV elevations, etc. CSP coordinates with you and the relevant contractors for the build such as the architect; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineer (MEP); and general contractor throughout the process to ensure coordination between low voltage and general construction drawings.



CSP works closely with your IT teams creating a complete budget for all scopes to ensure that you are financially secure for the project costs.



CSP creates complete RFP documents including installation standards and scope of work for each scope. CSP manages the entire bid, RFI, and leveling processes providing a transparent cost summary template with full labor and material breakouts.


Material Procurement

CSP procures materials directly from manufacturers to eliminate supply chain markups, coordinates all material delivery and storage, and handles all material returns and warranty issues. CSP also guarantees the accuracy of its bill of materials and procures materials immediately after the final pricing is signed off on minimizing lead times.


Labor Procurement

CSP facilitates a transparent bid process with local contractors to provide the best labor pricing possible. After vetting all bids for each solution with all stakeholders, CSP awards the contract for labor and assumes all liability for a complete installation.


Project Management

CSP coordinates with you and the contractors throughout the installation process and provides a CSP PM SPOC attending all weekly Owner-Architect-Contractor (OAC) meetings, managing and responding to all RFI’s, and coordinating construction schedules. CSP also provides an onsite Project Manager for quality control and directly managing all low voltage subcontractors.


Day 2 Support

Our commitment to you extends beyond construction completion and our goal is to retain your loyalty as a long-term client. We are committed to providing in-person training for all installed systems. CSP provides all closeout documentation that includes as-builts of all systems, submittals, and warranty information. CSP responds promptly to all MAC work, warranty requests, and continues to be the SPOC moving forward.